Charcoal…Is it good for your “grill?”

You have probably seen friends on social media talking about charcoal “whitening” toothpaste.

Charcoal toothpaste is not a new idea as it has been around since ancient Roman times. It was not a good idea then and is still not a good idea. Charcoal is way too abrasive to brush your teeth with. It would be like scrubbing your face with sandpaper…except the skin on your face grows back as opposed to your tooth enamel which does not grow back. Toothpaste abrasiveness is measurable as relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) and should not exceed 200. To avoid tooth sensitivity and gum recession use toothpaste that are safe and approved.

Moral of the story…keep the charcoal on your outdoor grill, not your teeth!


How to Get Your Kids to BRUSH their Teeth!

The best way to get your kids to brush their teeth is pretty simple

…..model it for them!

SHOW your kids how you brush your teeth. Let them watch you in the morning and evening when you are brushing and flossing. Model great behavior and therefore, TEACH them how to brush properly.

Check out the video below and as always, our “Smiles for Kids” Pinterest board has a ton of great ideas!

“Smiles for Kids” Pinterest board :

What is in your drink?

Did you know that in your fancy gourmet coffee there may
be 11 teaspoons of sugar?
Did you know that in the cola that you are drinking there may be 9 teaspoons of sugar?

Did you know that in that energy drink there may be 7 teaspoons or more of sugar?

Did you know that your body is craving water and that water is essential for life?

Let’s all drink more water and consume much less sugar. We will be healthier for it!

Dr. R Renan Williams