The Power of a Crown!

Keeping in trend with Royal announcements this week, check out this new smile we were honored to deliver to a patient this week. Needless to say they are HAPPY! And so are we. What a powerful, beautiful update to their smile!

How did we do it? —> Dental CROWNS!

Curious what CROWNS are? Read below!

PicMonkey Image

Dental crowns also known to some as Caps, are often hard to distinguish from natural teeth because of recent innovations. The state of the art dental crowns today that are used in our office rarely have any metal in the composition. The new dental materials available are so strong that metal is rarely required. These new dental materials zirconia and lithium disilicate have been game changers in enabling us to create strong beautiful smiles for our patients. As a result, these crowns do not have an unsightly dark edge as the older crowns once did. These crowns blend in seamlessly with your smile. Bruxzir crowns are a type of zirconia crown often used and IPS e.max crowns are a type of lithium disilicate crown we use. These crowns often come with a guarantee against fracture. Each of these crowns are custom made to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the patient.

If you have any questions, we would love to answer. Please give us a call at 817-281-4801!

~Dr. Williams and Team


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