Cut out the sugar…You’re sweet enough already!


  1. Add more Fat. Fat fills you up, helps control and turn off hunger hormones and satiates you longer. Add healthy fats like avocado and hemp seeds to your smoothies and diet.
  2. Limit Artificial Sweeteners.
  3. Cut back on sodas, fruits and sports drinks.  Soft drinks are packed with sugar (some up to 10 teaspoons per can) and additives. Flavor mineral or regular water with fruit!
  4. Avoid sauces and dressings with added sugar. Make your own sugar-free dressings and sauces with fresh ingredients.
  5. Read Labels. Even food that looks healthy and organic can contain large amounts of sugar. The shorter the ingredient list, the easier it is to find hidden sugars and know exactly what you’re getting and watch
  6. Clean out your pantry! Get rid of processed, unnecessary packaged foods. Many times you can bust your sugar habit simply by not having these things around.



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